The Hocker Group

The Hocker Group
2307 River Road
Suite 202
Louisville, KY 40206
Fax: 502-459-7339


Our experienced principals offer expertise in asset management, property development and leasing, as well as acquisition and disposition.

Our disciplined underwriting is highlighted by focused and deliberate acquisition due diligence that is centered on identifying deal breakers before significant resources are expended. The principals of the Hocker Group maintain relationships with life insurance companies, numerous relationships with investment banks, as well as relationships with local brokers and correspondent bankers which provides The Hocker Group with access to financing resources.

Our property management and leasing professionals remain highly selective and detail oriented which creates a greater environment for our tenants, patrons and communities alike. Our management services allow us to increase value and ensure that our assets are managed efficiently and effectively.

The sale and disposition of our assets is accentuated by our strong relationships with the brokerage community and our acquisition and disposition team is constantly valuating our assets to ensure that we take advantage of positive market trends.


The Hocker Group invests in high-quality, stabilized properties with creditworthy tenants that offer the opportunity for highly attractive risk-adjusted returns with a development strategy that is always right for the investors, the clients, the property and the overall real estate asset moving toward the future.

The Hocker Group maintains the highest standards of professionalism which is reflected not only in the quality of the assets it manages but in the character of team members affiliated with The Hocker Group.